The concept of the Welcoming Schools Programme (WSP) was introduced by the Global Parents Support Group (GPS), which was formed in 2017 by a group of parents from diverse cultural backgrounds. The group seeks to promote cultural diversity in schools and the local community and to increase cultural awareness of students, parents and school staff.

In alignment with this aspiration the WSP pilot was formalized as part of the Welcoming Communities Initiative 2020-2023 Welcoming Plan, which brings together local government and communities to make the places we love more welcoming to everyone.

The programme is founded on the principle that communities that make newcomers feel welcome are likely to enjoy better social outcomes and stronger economic growth. In this environment, everyone can participate in the economic, civic, cultural, and social life of the community. Nurturing the connections between locals and newcomers means everyone feels included and knows they belong.


WSP Intention

The Welcoming Schools Programme aims to foster and strengthen cultural inclusion and a sense of belonging through community-led programmes and initiatives within school spaces in Palmerston North.


Inclusivity Strength Analysis 2022/2023

Inclusivity Strength Analysis Report