Members' Fees

The MMC membership fee is the annual cost of becoming a member of our council. This fee helps us to continue our work in promoting cultural diversity, celebrating multiculturalism, and supporting migrants and refugees in the Manawatu region.

Our membership fee is very affordable, and it provides you with a range of benefits, including access to our services, events, workshops, and resources.


Members' Benefits

As a member of the Manawatu Multicultural Council, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a network of diverse and like-minded organisations and individuals who share your passion for multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and partner with other members on events, projects, and initiatives that promote multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Access to resources and training to help you better serve your community and promote multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Opportunities to participate in and attend cultural events, festivals, and other multicultural activities.
  • Opportunities to showcase your organization's work and achievements through our social media and other communication channels.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting an organization that is committed to promoting multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion in the Manawatu region.


Member's Activities

On top of our FREE events and classes, our community members will also have access to the following events. We encourage the attendance from the representative of our member groups, in order to find more information and updates about MMC: 

  1. Annual General Meeting
  2. Leadership Dinner
  3. Members' Meeting
  4. Members and Stakeholders Meeting