Are you new to the Manawatu region..

...with no network of relatives and friends to support you?
Do you want to make new friends?
Do you need some help settling in?
Are you interested in fun activities?
If so, why not join MMC?

As a new migrant or a newcomer from another part of New Zealand, you are welcome to join MMC. We would like you to feel at home in the Manawatu region and settle well into your new environment and the community.

MMC can offer you friendship and support through various social activities and events. You may also get help and support with settlement issues. You are welcome, regardless of your age, your nationality or the language you speak.

MMC offers FREE classes, including English, Yoga, Tai Chi, Computer, Mind & Body, and First Language classes. These classes are a great way for communities to make connections, improve the English abilities and form friendships.

Below is a list of things you can get involved with:



MMC Classes