Dear MMC members and stakeholders,

1) Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Manawatu Multicultural Council (MMC)

You are warmly invited to MMC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022
The AGM will be held on Friday 26th August, 2022 at the Think Hauora, 200 BroadwayAve, Palmerston North, 5.30pm to 6.30pm
The AGM will be followed by light refreshments and a meeting with the City Councilors candidate for a Q&A session. It will be a great opportunity to meet some staff from the new Ministry for Ethnic Communities.

Business agenda of the AGM 2022
a) Apologies
b) Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous AGM
c) Business arising from the minutes
d) President’s Report
e) Audited or reviewed financial statements and receipt of the Treasurer’s Report
f) Any other reports as considered necessary
g) Election of office holders and Executive Committee members (Nominations for any elective position shall be done by endorsement of any 2 members from their respective group or organisation. In case of non-endorsement for any position, then nominations are accepted from the floor.)
h) Appointment of the auditor and legal advisor
i) Establishing the membership fee for the ensuing year
j) Notices of motion
k) Establishing a timetable of meeting dates for the ensuing year
l) Any other business

2) Request for the Names of Delegates for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

Going by the provision of Section 10.2(d) of Manawatu Multicultural Council (MMC)’s Constitution, one of the purposes of the Annual General Meeting is “To confirm the members’ appointments of delegates to The Council.” These delegates will represent their communities or groups at Council’s meetings in the following year.

Also, according to the provision of Section 13.3 of the said Constitution, “Only persons who are delegates of financial members of this Council at the date of the Annual General Meeting shall be eligible for election or re-election as the case may be, as office holders or as Executive Committee members.”

Therefore, we advise that you send email to stating your community/group and name of your delegate on or before Monday 22nd August, 2022. Please ensure that your nominee for office is also your delegate who can vote and can be voted for.

If your appointed delegate will not attend the AGM, please provide the name of your delegate and name of someone appearing as proxy.

For clarification, please read the Constitution or send your queries through email to

3) The MMC needs new members to join the Executive Committee

The MMC is looking for new members to join the Executive Committee to contribute to the exciting and important work of the MMC. New members with skills, vision, board and organisational knowledge, particularly in the New Zealand context and environment would be desirable.

MMC is embarking on some exciting projects and new areas of work. Executive meetings are monthly and members need to be able to make useful contributions. It is expected they will attend at least 90% of meetings across the year. There are also subcommittees for particular focus work. You also need to be a member of the MMC to go on the Executive.

MMC particularly needs people who have financial, legal or strategic planning skills.

If you want to put your name forward please make sure you are one of the appointed delegates of a financial member.

Send your Nomination form, including why you would like to join the Executive Committee and what skills you will bring to the organisation, on or before Monday 22nd August 2022, through email to or deliver to MMC (77-85 King Street, Palmerston North).

A short PowerPoint of all candidates standing for the Executive will be displayed before the AGM election, so people can see who is standing. So if you wish to stand, please send us a recent photo of yourself as well.

For any questions please contact:

Ebele Ezepue – Services Manager

Manawatu Multicultural Council

Phone: +64 6 358 1572



Warm regards from the MMC Executives!



AGM 2022 Nomination Form

MMC Constitution