Vision, Mission and Values

Mission statement

To celebrate, support and connect the multicultural communities of Manawatu

Vision statement

Our vision is for Manawatu Multicultural Council to be a sustainably funded organisation with a high profile in the Manawatu region, meeting the needs of its members. It will be well respected by other organisations, agencies and individuals offering programmes and events that support and connects its clients and celebrates the cultural diversity of Palmerston North. The Multicultural Centre will be the first stop for all migrants and refugees to Palmerston North. It will be the first stop for Newcomers to Palmerston North and will be an efficiently run centre, having collaborative relationships with strategic partners and community groups.

Core Values

We value and celebrate the uniqueness of all cultures represented in our Palmerston North community and their ability to contribute meaningfully.
We believe in the rights of the multicultural community to fair and equal opportunities and to have their voices heard.
We are here to empower individuals and groups by connecting them to people and resources that meet their specific needs.
We value the role of our various stakeholders including our members, staff, volunteers, clients and strategic partners.
We have effective management and governance arrangements.
We act honestly and ethically and are accountable and responsive to our community.
We support the Treaty of Waitangi and the rights of Maori as Tangata Whenua.

Privacy Policy

Manawatu Multicultural Council (MMC) is committed to adhering to the requirements of the Privacy Act to ensure our policies and procedures comply with the legal requirements of an individual'™s privacy.


1. Manawatu Multicultural Council will appoint a Privacy Officer on an annual basis in accordance with section 23 of the Privacy Act who will familiarise themselves with the requirements of the Act.
2. The Privacy Officer will review policies and procedures with regard to individual privacy and report to the executive committee with any recommendations for change.
3. Any concerns regarding privacy matters will be referred to the Privacy Officer.
4. All personal information held by MMC or the Multicultural Centre will be kept in a locked cabinet.
5. Personal information held by MMC will never be used for purposes other than that which it was originally collected for.